1Gun is designed to combine the well liked aspects from the different shooting sports, with dynamic stages and simpler rules. While we fully understand no game can ever prepare one for a real world defensive situation, we are just trying to build on basic skills that one should have; by rewarding quick, accurate shooting with the ability to think on the fly. To do this, we combined standards, mission based, and run-n-gun type stages with a more dynamic experience that requires the shooter to adapt vs replay a rehearsed stage plan.

Blind coin flips are done during the stage reset, hidden under a cup, revealing the threat target color after the starting beep, producing dynamic stages. By the pure definition of dynamic stages, we are saying the stage is not the same for each shooter. This is okay, and is by design. Stages will be designed to be fair, not exact or symmetrical. In other words, every effort will be placed on keeping the shooting complexity similar, regardless of which color threat is drawn. But depending on your strengths and or weaknesses, the luck of the draw could be the equalizer. But with that said, we believe that these slight differences balance out by the end of the match and the benefits of creating a more dynamic experience, far out weighs any little differences.

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