Match Premise

1GUN is announcing the first of many postal matches. These matches are designed to enable the everyday competitor to find out where they stack up among the other 1GUNners, without leaving the comfort of your home range.

The 2024 1GUN North vs South Shootout Match

The 2024 1GUN North vs South Shootout, was not only designed to see how the competitor stacks up, but also how their club, and region stacks up.  So, make sure to bring your best 1GUN game, because you will be shooting for bragging rights for yourself, your club, and your region.

Match Details

The match will run the month of June and be open to everyone, but only 1GUN members as of June 30, will be eligible for awards.  So be sure to become a 1GUN member at by June 30.  We are currently working with potential sponsors for prizes.  The match consists of four stages (around 18 rounds per stage) designed and provided by 1GUN.  The 2024 1GUN North vs South Shootout Match Book is now on the website.  Local 1GUN clubs simply need to setup and run the stages at their 1GUN club.  Clubs can elect to either host all four stages in a single match or simply include one or more stages into their current matches as long as all four stages are completed during the month of June.  Since we have indoor and outdoor 1GUN clubs, the stages have been carefully designed so they can be shot equally, regardless if you are a indoor or outdoor range. 

Each stage description will contain all the dimensions, target descriptions, etc. to make it easy to setup and execute. Similar to the “Stage Of The Month” mini-competitions, scores will be combined and posted, but for the postal match, the winner of each division is based solely on “Best Overall Score”. 

We understand some shooters will have access to the match in multiple locations or on multiple dates, we will only post the first attempt at the match (and all scores must come from the same club), to keep things fair.  We still encourage you to shoot the match in different divisions, but we will only count the first one toward the standings. 

Match Book

Here is the link to the 2024 1GUN North vs South Shootout Match Book (NEW).

Match Sponsors


Match Results

Here is the link to the 2024 1GUN North vs South Shootout Multi-State Postal Match Results.